International Table Tennis Action Camp in China|

Beijing, 8th – 23rd August 2016

An unbeatable opportunity to transform your table tennis at a long established cradle of sporting champions, where Ma Long the newly minted Champion of the World learnt his early skills!

Beijing Action Camp

Table Tennis, the most popular racket sport in the world today, was decreed by General Mao in early 1950’s as China’s National Sport. By producing world class players, China wanted to build post revolutionary self confidence, showing the world that they can excel at something! The Chinese dragon stamped on their national team shirts, symbolises strength, winning and prosperity; validating the undisputable, dominant presence in both Men and Women that China now occupies in the Table Tennis world rankings.

So, what better place than the two week long International Table Tennis Action Camp to experience first hand this world renowned, meticulous Chinese style training?!

In a historic venue with a proven track record of producing TT Champs in the heart of Beijing, your game will be catapulted to the next level. With one on one attention to your goals from experienced Chinese coaches and with each participant being allocated dedicated Chinese practice partners throughout the camp, it’s a sure thing that you will return with a new, perceptible glint not just on your game but also on a much fitter you!

4 main highlights of this Action Camp

Inspiring Camp Design
Personalised goals, attentive coaching, repetitive honing, visible results!

Experienced Chinese Coaches
Individualised training with coaches who have produced world champions!

World Class Training Facility
Over half a century old historic training base, nurturing Table Tennis Greats!

Dedicated Chinese Practice Partners Throughout
Champions in their own right, talented training partners, made available just for you!

Inspiring Camp Design

Enrol now in the International Table Tennis Action camp in China to experience first hand the world renowned, meticulous physical preparation, intense training methods and superior technical abilities of the Chinese coaches/players to help improve to the highest level:

  • Your technique, 
  • Your match play, 
  • Your footwork,
  • Your resilience and fitness,

This inspiring camp design has three key pillars:

Individual needs will be the central focus

Thorough preliminary assessment of each player’s needs, individualised objectives will be set to help you level up from your own defined starting point and two week goal. Ongoing monitoring of progress against this goal will ensure there is tangible progress made.

Varied levels of play will be enhanced and honed

Each player will have an individualised practice partners assigned throughout the camp period. With this your technical learning imparted by the resident Chinese coaches at a one to one level will also be honed as you progress through the camp. This repetition driven muscle memory creation process will ensure your game progresses from strength to strength.

Visible skills will be acquired that can be put to immediate use upon return

This inspiring camp design ensures that with a well balanced blend of clear goals at the outset, individualised plan using targeted Chinese style training (including multi-ball) and intense, repetitive honing, a much fitter you will return with an arsenal of new and improved shots that you can bring to your game from Day 1.

Underlying these three areas of focus is lots of fun and cultural immersion into the Chinese way, making it the ultimate Table Tennis Experience that will change your game forever! Would you want to miss that?

Experienced Chinese Coaches

This Action Camp will be run under the aegis of coaches who are experienced professionals and have trained players for world class championships as well as elite level competition. These resident Chinese coaches, accomplished players in their own right, have produced many World Champions. They are geared up for assessing your individual needs to tailor fit the one-on-one training efforts during this camp around your own goals.

There will be a minimum of one coach to every 8 players.

Between the trinity of Chang Hong (winner of the TT World Youth Championships, Japanese National coach for 10 years), GU Yun Feng ( Winner of Chinese National Youth Championships and successful player history overseas, in France) and Kang Lan Hui ( the ladies head coach with experience in training players during the 2008 Olympic Games), suffice to say that your learning will be at the hands of the best.

Dedicated Chinese Practice Partners Throughout

The honing of this tailor-made learning imparted by the experienced Chinese coaches will be through dedicated Chinese Practice Partners, assigned to each participant throughout the camp period. Based on the calibre and defined goals of each participant, these talented players (will include and not be limited to winners of the 2014 National Junior Championships, Beijing City Games etc, refer table under for more details) will ensure that you consolidate the learning through repeitition driven muscle memory creation.

This unique feature of our camp ensures that you will stretch your game even further over the course of these two weeks to see visible results. 

Interpreters in English are available throughout the centre. Participants will receive focused training to improve their levels of accuracy, power, consistency, reflexes and hand-to-eye co-ordination.

Chen Zi Xuan. Tang Jin.
Zhang Jin Han. Shi Hong Xin.
Gold Medal Team Winner
(2014 Double Happiness Si Huan Cup Table Tennis Competition)
CWang Er Kang. Chen Pin Ji. Wu Yu Sen.
Zhang Yi Ming. Yu Hong Bo. Leng Da Peng.
Gold Medal Team Winner
2014 Si Huan Cup National Junior Table Tennis Championships

World Class Training Facility

Beijing Shichahai Training Centre with over 57 years of experience in widely recognised amongst China’s top training bases, providing quality sports training in the heart of Beijing. It is on the West Bank of the picturesque Shichahai lake and provides highest quality facilities for table tennis and other Olympic sports. This renowned training centre provides training for sports people who aspire to play for their country and has been consistently successful in helping them achieve their potential. Overall, the centre has produced 33 world champions and over 3000 athletes with national level achievements across sports.

A host of elite athletes who represent China as well as Beijing have graduated from this centre including Table Tennis World Champions Fan Changmao, Teng Yi, Wang Tao, Wang Chen, Zhang Yining, Guo Yan, Ma Long Wang Tao, Zhang YiNing and the iconic Wushu Champion, Jet Li. The table tennis class has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Suffice to say that you will be learning in the lap of experience at a venue with an enviable track record by any standard of producing champions consistently. Hope to see you there!


Common questions and answers about the Action Camp

  • What will the average day at the Camp look like?
    View the Action Training Camp schedule.
  • What Food is included in the cost of the camp? What other Food options are likely to be nearby?

    Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is included within the price of the camp.

    Beijing is an international tourist friendly and safe city. A variety of restaurants including our old favourite, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Starbucks and Costa Coffee are within a short walk from the centre or a short ride from the nearby metro station.

  • What kind of accommodation is included within the price of the camp?

    The accommodation is of high quality, where the en-suite rooms available are equivalent to a three star hotel, each with a telephone. The rooms are based on two people sharing. Boys and girls will dwell in separate rooms. There are also single rooms available on request (there is an extra charge this option). A laundry service can be provided by the centre at no additional cost. There is a medical centre at the training facility for use by the participants should the need arise. A Sports therapist for overseeing health matters and treating any injuries that may occur will also be at hand at the centre throughout the period of the camp.

  • Will I have free WiFi internet access in my room during my stay at the Camp?

    Yes, Complimenatry Wifi access will be provided in the rooms.

  • Do I need a visa to go to China? If so what is the process of applying for the same?

    British Nationals are required to obtain a visa prior to traveling to mainland China. For all visa types, your passport must have at least six months validity left on it, and must have two empty visa pages. Visas are available for collection 4 working days after an application is made. However it is safer and more reliable to assume the process will take two weeks. Please apply four weeks in advance to ensure that you get your visa in time. You will need an 'L-Visa'. Visas must be submitted and collected in person.

  • Will you arrange for airport transfers from/to venue/Beijing airport?

    Transfers by Coach from Beijing International Airport/ Shichahai Training Centre on August 11 and August 27’ 2015 respectively will be arranged by us and included in the price of the camp. Any deviations from these dates, the cost will be borne by the participant.

  • Do I need any special vaccinations before going to China ?

    It is recommend that to have a yellow fever vaccination before you travel. Please enquire with your doctor to have this or any other vaccinations before traveling to Beijing.

  • What kind of medical facilities will I have access to during the period of the Camp?

    There is a medical centre at the training facility for use by the participants should the need arise. A Sports therapist for overseeing health matters and treating any injuries that may occur will also be at hand at the centre throughout the period of the camp.

    Please ensure that you carry sufficient supplies of your regular medications (if any) for the entire duration of the camp and any instruction/relevant medical records.

  • What will the weather in Beijing be like in August?

    August is still very hot in Beijing. The highest temperatures may reach 38 °C (100 °F). August has almost as much rain as July, Beijing's wettest month at 160mm (6 inches). There are occasional thunderstorms, so bringing an umbrella along is advisable.

  • What kind of clothing should I carry for the Camp?

    Easy to maintain summer clothing is generally enough, even in the evenings. Bring a rainproof jacket and comfortable shoes for the sightseeing trip(s).

  • What kind of sightseeing in Beijing should I expect to do over the course of the Camp?

    Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, is the nation's international and cultural hub. Located in northern China, close to the port city of Tianjin, Beijing is partially surrounded by Hebei Province and is well connected to the rest of the world.

    Being one of six ancient cities of China, it has been the heart and soul of Chinese society throughout its long history. Thus there is unmatched wealth of discovery and enchantment awaiting players who would like to immerse in the city's ancient past to soak in the sights/sounds of the place.

    For more information view the Action Training Camp schedule.

  • What are the other popular places to visit in Beijing and how do I get around the city?

    The Beijing subway system is convenient and it is easy to get around Beijing. The cost for the subway is 20p per trip so it's also cost efficient. The Shichahai training centre is right by the North Beihai subwaystation on line 6.

    The popular places to visit in Beijing are:

    • Tiananmen Square
    • China's most visited attraction is on Line 1. It takes about 20mins to get to Tiananmen Square from North Beihai.
    • Wangfujing
    • Beijing's main shopping street with several eating places such as: Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and many Chinese eating places.
    • Yonganli
    • The Silk Market is about 20mins from North Beihai station.
    • It is a 5 floor shopping centre which sells A class copied goods such as: Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Fred Perry, Abercrombie and Fitch. Diesel, Prada, Chloe and many more high quality copied goods.
    • Within walking distance of the Silk Market there are many eating places like, McDonalds, Subway, Starbucks and Costa Coffee.
  • What is the cost of attending the camp? What does this price include/not include?

    Two week Action Camp China cost pricing details:

    Cost Includes
    Training 11th – 27th August 2015
    Accommodation (Based on twin Sharing)
    Internet Access
    3 meals per day
    Playing Kit (Shirt, shorts and Tracksuit)
    Airport Transfer

    Cost Does Not include
    Air Travel
    Visa Application

    Players:- £1521
    Non-Players:- £720

    A 50% deposit is required with booking (Non-refundable after the 1st July 2015) and full payment is required by 29th July 2015.

    Book your place now.

    For more information or clarifications contact us at

The Schedule

The Action Training Camp Schedule
 & 2 Days Sightseeing in Beijing

  • 7:30 am


  • 8:30 - 8:50 am

    Warm Up

  • 8:50 - 11 am


  • 11 am - 12 pm


  • 12 - 2:30 pm


  • 2:30 - 5 pm


  • 6 pm


  • 7-10 pm

    Free Time

  • 10 pm


  • Breakfast


  • Activity

    Visit Tiananmen Square. Shopping. Wang Fu Jing Street

  • Lunch


  • Activity

    Go to see the Chinese Kong Fu Show

  • Dinner


  • Activity

    Visit Birds Nest Olympic Stadium & Water Club

  • Breakfast


  • Activity

    Visit Great Wall Of China.

  • Lunch


  • Activity

    Shopping Beijing Silk Market.

  • Dinner


  • Activity

    Go to see the Chinese Acrobatics Show

The head coach will arrange the training programme in accordance with the player level.
One-to-one practice partners provided as part on the camp. There are all high level and will cater for all players and styles.

Training will be from Monday through to Saturday, but can be subject to variation to meet individual requirements.

There will be 2 days set aside each week for tailored match-play training, designed to control pressurised situations.

Sundays are left free for sightseeing and travel.


Beijing Shichahai Sports School
Yangfang Hutong
Xicheng District

speaker Bio image

Chang Hong (Director Of Coaching)

Japanese National coach for 10 years during which 6 of his students went on to win both the singles and doubles titles at the World Youth Championships.

20 of his students won the World Student Games during his time as the head coach of the Japanese Sports University.

For the past 7 years he has been at the Beijing Shichahai Training Centre.

speaker Bio image

GU Yun Feng (Head Coach)

Some significant career highlights:

1985: Gold medal single champion at the National Youth Championship in Tai Yuan.
1987: Silver medal winner at the group of Sixth National Games.
1988: Team Gold medal winner and singles Silver medal winner at the National Championships.
1990: Played in the French Open defeating Person by 3 sets to 1. Lost to Chen Zhi Bin in the final by 3 sets to 2.
After a successful career in France as a coach as well as a player, for the past 3 years he has been at the Beijing Shichahai Training Centre

speaker Bio image

Kang Lan Hui (Head Coach)

Kang Lan Hui is from Beijing and has been the ladies head coach at the Beijing Shi Cha Hai Sports School now for the past 5 years.

She has also worked with some of China's leading female players during their stay at the Shichahai Sports School during the 2008 Olympic Games.

Significant career achievements
1983: Gold Medal winner in the team event of National Championship.
1986: Silver Medal winner in the team event of the National Military Competition.
1986: Silver Medal winner in the Women's single event of National Military Fina